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Hey dudes who frequent this here site! My apologies for the total lack of content lately. Being end of the year and such I have been up to many other things!

But here is a lil update on what has been going on!

Summer Drop: was originally delayed due to a problem at the printers and then I didn't get time to get it all out before the road trip and Christmas! Hold tight for that because it wont be long till we have some new shit poppin!

as for recent times!
Went for a ride with these dudes recently!
Also had a rather fun new years down at Byron with some friends heres a few shots!

 Thanks to Simon for inviting us to your awesome place!

To anyone who was there I will most likely upload the rest of the images to the chronic bone facebook some time soon so check it!

Here I have some videos to share!
I enjoyed this dope mix!

this is also awesome! great music!
sean 2013 edito from mr. burns assistant on Vimeo.


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