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Here is a treat for your weekend!
Enjoy this scrap mix!

It's all busted shit Vol. 1 features scrap clips from the Chronic Bone trips! Also a load of random footage from other hangs and heaps off c00l bike stunts!
Seeing as most the footage isn't very impressive I did my best to edit it in an enjoyable way! So let this educational video be sent to your brains!

Here is a real treat of a video to come out today!
Cult's Eyeland video is fuckin amazing! I'd pay money to watch this! The level of riding is crazy! Almost every clip could be considered the ender of a web edit! Music is dope! Edit on point!

This is also a great photo gallery to go along with it!

This here skate video is fuckin wild! The obstacles these guys have build are grand!
Can't explain! Just watch!

SKATE HEADS from Flexfit on Vimeo.

Peace out
Enjoy the weekendd!

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