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Brisbane Busted Bar Review!

Hey all.
Having one person run a blog or be the main poster on a blog can get a bit stale. Having one dude post over and over again can kinda seem like the same shit from time to time.
Also having one dude run a blog also means that if that dude is busy with other shit he aint gunna be posting much.
Saying that I have always been open to other people posting quality content on this here established blog! In the past we have had a few people do a few different kinds of post: tips, interview, butt plug of the week and so on.
In recent time there has been ideas flying all over the shop that Chronic Bone should look into reviewing things you know like a product or a movie or some shit.
After throwing this idea around at the pub we decided to review the pub. 

So adding up everything I just said here we go with Simmo our newest blogger with his first of many (I hope) Brisbane Busted Bar Reviews!

Picture this:

It's a Monday, you're busted and hungover as fuck from sinking bulk piss all weekend long. Everything's shut but you need something to curb that hangover.

Or maybe it's a Friday night, you've got no plans and not much cash but you need to eat and get wrecked at the same time.

Or maybe a tinder match wants to meet up in the valley but you don't want to be scary, retarded pissed when you meet them for the first time.

Where do you go?

The sushi bottle-o of course! (Referred to as the sushio from here on out. I think it's called the little bottler or charm sushi but who gives a fuck about that busted shit right? All you need to know is that you can buy sushi and drink retail priced piss in one place and that's a fucking sick business plan).

The gaping maw of the Sushi-o

The sushio is Brisbane's best sushi restaurant/bottle shop without a doubt. You can buy like one sushi roll and you have a place to sit and sink piss for as long as you want.

Like literally as long as you want. Me and uncle bone left our beers on a table one particularly haggard Monday night. We bailed, played a game of pool, went to three different bars and they were still there exactly as we left them when we got back. It's the kind of miracle that's only possible at the sushio.

 These tallies? Who knows?

The restaurant part is pretty dece. Everyone loves sushi. (Especially white girls if you're stuck for somewhere to take a date). The food is unreal especially if you're pissed as fuck. My only criticism is that it's situated between the bottleo and outside in this tiny corridor turning it into a gauntlet of strangers waiting for you to drunkenly smash into them after a few tallies.

Here’s a rough layout so you can get a feel for it.

Uncle Bone wanted me to describe it to you but I’m way too pissed for that. 

Some top notch sushi.
I’m deadly serious about this.
Go get some right now.

The bottleo is just your average bottleo except slightly more expensive and you can buy sake and soju there; If you're brave or stupid enough. The staff are totally cool. They'll open your tallies for you and they couldn't give a shit if you're so pissed you immediately spill it all over yourself like uncle bone.

If you want to punch darts you'll have to do it outside, near the kebab shop because there's no smoking area. It's not so bad just be prepared to yell at cunts who will try and take your table.

Absolutely ready to yell at any cunt

The toilets are busted as shit and super seedy. They're a great place to get your tag out there if you're an up and coming artist. You probably won't be able to do rack with more than one person though unless someone stands on the toilet.

The average patrons are a pretty eclectic mishmash of different cultures. Basically just whoever you can imagine enjoying a bottleo and sushi in one place. Who wouldn't love that really?

The sushio is my number one go to drinking spot for when I don't know what the fuck I'm doing with my life. It's conveniently located in the city and it has everything you could possibly need in one place. Highly rated as far as busted bars go, 4 sketchy points.

Cheers for the sketchy! was a good read!


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