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Bone Thugs!

Yo yo!
Super excited to be dropping this dope new mix today!
This is the first Bone Thugs mix that features clips from two trips over summer as well as a few clips from random days! Every one who has become part of the bone thugs has put in some serious work to get this happening! I wanna thank each of the dudes for sharing the good vibes and being apart of Chronic Bone!
Here it is! ENJOY!
The Bone Thugs Mix #1 from Chronic Bone on Vimeo.

Also you may notice the site is looking a lil different! All part of the excitement of the new video! The blog has been updated and a new page added featuring the thugs themselves! HIT IT UP!

Also we have more Bone Thugs shirts on the way in!

Moving on!
2020 has just dropped their 50th issue which I am beyond stoked about! Can't wait to get my hands on it and enjoy the amazing achievement that 2020 BMX magazine has become!


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