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Really enjoying the start of the Uni break! Been working on a tone of different projects!
Basically keepin myself super busy which is great!
Working on some kind of a weird video for the purpose of Art n shit, basically a bunch of weird shit related to this forest. Shot a few stills to get the ball rolling on the idea of the film, thanks to Simmo for being model!


Also been riding around a fair bit on week nights filming some cool lil jibs with Brenton! Probs gunna put it together in a scraps mix!
He loves it!

If you haven't checked our new shirts with Mr Snippets check em at our store!
We also have some new gear coming very soon!

Now for some videos woo!
First this lil vid from The Make got me stoked! All those cool night ride clips looks hella fun!
The Make 2014 Clarky and Tommy C from EuroSkum on Vimeo.

These are all left over clips from the Sewer Side DVD all from WA! Crazy good riding and filming!
CIGAR SIDE from Jay Wilson on Vimeo.

This video of this young dude Nolan Santana has been floating around all day! Full of great shit! its dope to see younger dude sending shit and not just hecktic ledge gamez!

PEACE til NEXT time!

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