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AWW DROP! (news)

so so! we have been planning quite a drop for a while now and after alot of shitting about we have decided that THIS WEEKEND its all happening!


~New shirts! (make sure you check site this weekend and message James fast before we send them all out) In regards to online store: we were planning on releasing the online store this weekend but as already shirt stocks are low due to pre-release team hookups and me just not having the time! DECIDED to sling em out my trunk as per usual! so get a hold of me on facebook or email
james.hornsby92@hotmail.com and ORDER SOME SHIZ!

~ SKATE VIDEO as you would know we have been casually filming some skating with out skate team on the weekends and we have produced quite an enjoyable video that will be up THIS WEEKEND

ALSO: we are introducing a new band to our team as well as a bit of a team adjustment to people who contribute some content to the blog :) so that should be EXCITING!

as well as a CHRONICBONE tumblr that is going to constantly be updated with all the amazing photos we have posted and never before seen ones as well! so that should be a dope squizz!

SHWEEET time for some hecktic shiz
 i quite enjoyed this bmx video

also some skating
A day away from Kent Wright on Vimeo.


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