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Aw yeah?

It's nearly the end of the week and I am seriously looking forward to celebrating the upcoming long weekend. I actually get e-mail updates from a bunch of websites and companies with all their new edits so here's 3 edits that are awesome but I had to go find myself. (Step up your game BMX marketing.)

First up Dove Shit Kru have the weirdest name of any group of dudes that like to shred that I can think of. They also know how to make the most of any spot they find from the looks of it.

Lahsaan Kobza and mark Burnett are not two guys that my brain would ever put together for a split edit but somebody gone came up with that idea and it turned out real cool.

Finally Broc Raiford just dropped this new edit for Ride BMX and it is sweet. Broc is some kind of man child who sold his soul to the devil from the looks of it because he makes the shit in this edit look waayyy too easy. Fire emoji.

Goonboys2k16 here I come. Enjoy the weekend!

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