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Art School + BMX

Towards the end of last year I had an idea for a project. I had been using projectors at University just to pretty much fuck around and project trippy stuff. While zoning out in a dark room one night I had the idea to combine BMX with my new found love for projecting shit.

After discussing the idea with a few friends it turned into a collaboration with some music students who would make the tunes for the BMX + Projector sex.

In my mind I wanted the projections to be clear and in a white room so I hired out the largest studio at the university.

It all seemed like such a good idea!
Projections, trippy shit, bmx, some beers, great footage, original music.

Pretty much immediately as Jye and Jason arrived at the uni I suddenly relised the problems with two tipsy dudes riding push bikes in the dark around expensive equipment. Lucky nothing that bad happened, besides a foot through a wall and a busted shin.

Jye and Jase did what they could with the small space and we had a good ol time.
The music students didn't come through with the goods after months of waiting and the whole project got put on the back burner. UNTIL NOW finally having some time free I decided to get this shit out!

So here it is!
Sneekin' a coupla pushys into the university for a bit of a goof.
Edited with the ever so popular digital culture aesthetics you find in every new bmx video.

Subvert from Chronic Bone on Vimeo.

Music : Ryan Cheney
Filming: Every one

Cheers to Ryan for the beats and Jye and Jason for being good dudes and having fun on the night!

Have a good weekend!

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