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Art. Fuuuuuuuuuuck.

Had an excellent weekend out riding Bikes with Jim, got a couple of clips at a playground, very Tate Roskelly flavoured and a dickload of fun! Weather was super busted so Sunday was spent fixing my car which I may or may not have accidentally put two-stroke fuel into (oops).
^not a lawnmower^

Grant C apparently just moved to Cali so put together an edit with footage from where he used to live in the "midwest" as well as from a trip in Barcelona. I love watching this guy get creative and this edit took me a few watches just to even begin to grasp how wacky tech the riding is!

Finally, I picked up the Cum the Raw Prawn vinyl by Cosmic Psycho's a couple weeks ago or so and finally listened to it this weekend and god damn! These dudes are probably old news to everyone but me but they fucking kill it! The entire album sounded like someone filtered regular rock through a few tinnies then spat it out the other side with an Aussie accent and a fierce beer gut. In a good way. Honestly this shit just rocketed into my top 5 albums of all time. This is my favourite track off the album and it'll have me talking like a god damn yahoo all week.

And finally, on the topic of being a Yahoo, here's an ad for undies.

If you ever need to kill some time watch some of Nick Cummins' (the guy in the video) press interviews where he says some of the most outrageously Aussie shit I've ever heard. Legend.

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