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Arik Alstrend


I hope everyone has been doing just swell and is starting to get into them summer vibes! I'm going to apologise for being a slack cunt and not posting enough and I also promise that uncle Jimbo will be back very soon with some juicy new original content for you to enjoy.

In the mean time I've got a spectacular lil split edit to share with you all from Erik Elstran (my all time favourite rider) and Tom Villarreal. I've really been steering clear of posting web edits because I get that you guys love bmx as much as we do so you've probably seen most of the goodly goods that the internet has on offer but this edit was just too goodly good to pass up on!

Seriously keep your eyes peeled for some new shit coming out of James' crusty bedroom laboratory because it is gooood business!

Love and kisses, Brento

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