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Another day another chance to smoke ice in your mates back shed.

Happy fucking Monday everyone. I assume most people that suss this here blog work full-time or at least part time enough to loathe Mondays. I personally spent my morning stuck in peak hour traffic heading from Beenleigh into the city even though I actually live about 15 minutes out of the city center. Shit was fucked. Add to this my car was blowing so much smoke the car behind me looked like they were hotboxing and it made for a pretty shitty morning. Fuck Mondays basically. Garfield gets it.

One of the things that really does help me smash through crappy days like today is looking forward to a big ass Japanese holiday I have in the works so when I spotted this story on 2020 I was pretty pumped. I know that 100% good dude Chris Goldring (check a short and sweet edit of his here) was there a short while ago but I haven't had a chance to annoy him with 10 million questions yet, in the meantime I'll be frothing this story so hard. Looks Like Japan is becoming a pretty trendy place to visit for BMX trips and to soak up some incredible culture as well! Check the story out >>HERE<<

Diogo Santos is a favourite rider of mine for his super groovy riding style (and his wacky name). His latest edit is all of the goodness you can expect from an edit that starts with the riders name in pasta!

Jay Wilson absolutely kills it (and nearly himself) in this section from the Sewer DVD which I've not heard of but am dead keen to check out after witnessing this!

Fuck mondays. 

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