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Amigos of Holmes Jam!

Hey dudes! Sorry its been over a week since the jam, But here are some of the images from the day!

Kev with some ones sister
 Great setup!
 Could not get over Ammon's DMT bike!
 Wilto riding at a jam!
 So fucked Raph done is backwards
 The final jump!
 Was really a great day, excellent to see people from all over the place out supporting a good cause!
  I uploaded a few more images on the CHRONICBONE FACEBOOK so check em there!

Also check out the Jam video! Jack did a great job on capturing the overall vibe of the day!

Also if you did miss out! You can still help out by donating and picking up a shirt over on the Amigos website! http://www.amigosofholmes.com/

Apart from that amazing! I have a few videos to share I have checked out over the week!
you may have already seen this but its dope so watch it again!

Also enjoyed this new video from the commission! Looks like rad fun rolling around the city gettin freaky!
The Commission BMX - Spring Rolls from George Prentoski on Vimeo.

and this has been all the hype lately, some freaky good riding going down!
Brandon Van Dulken 2013 from Colony BMX on Vimeo.


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