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All good.

Had a great weekend full of riding and shooting!
Very productive.
Spent Saturday shooting with these beautiful dudes! Despite the rain we managed to get some great clips!

After shootin those lads I was off to shoot some stills for Dirty man!
Fuckin dude did some crazy shit! Can not wait till his edit drops!

Went out for a roll on Sunday too. Brenton got a cool line in here is a screen cap.
I love being able to hunt down and new spot and get a clip as well! Fuck yeah brento!

I have had these Polaroids from one of my Thailand trips and some other random shit for awhile!
Decided to scan them in, check em!

Here are some close ups of the ones I I liked.

Some BMX vids for your eyes.
This Kym Grosser 2015 edit is dope, love how the dude has the ability to throw a nothing on the hop or down a shit load of stairs. Edit is packed with good shit some of my favs are nose manual a flat rail, Ice to no foot can one hander and the last clip is loose!

Kym Grosser 2015 edit from The Set on Vimeo.

Another BMX!
This trailer for Blunted's full length DVD got me pretty excited! Looks like it will be good!


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