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A Spot Of News!

Fuck yeah, chronic bone has been going good over the last week reaching about 50 hits a day i like to see people checking back for updates!
Here is a lil bit of news of what is going on in the chronic bone world!
Samurai Disco as you would already know dropped the EP just over a week ago on their SOUNDCLOUD and so far it has been listened to around 1000 times yeww! the band should be getting some gigs soon so ill keep you up to date with that!
MKI have scheduled some time in the up coming weeks to work on a "come back" video witch should be full of mad shit i hope!
Promo work is going great im currently working on promo video for FILTHYRABBIT and also ES Three so keep an eye out for those vids droppin soon!
Clothing is also going mad getting a lot of shirts and singlets sold so going good next will be POLO's


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