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A lotta Web stuff.

Haven't been posting stuff up here as much as I would like too. Between uni, other projects and working on some super secret behind the scenes CB stuff I haven't really found the time or motivation. I have here a large buffet of videos and so on from the web for you to enjoy!

First the BMX portion.

There have been to great photo features on DIG BMX from Australian dudes over the passed few weeks.  It excited when people hold on to images for so long and put them towards something rather than just spewing them out all over social media none stop. This first feature focuses on the crazy search missions that dudes have done to find amazing dam set ups to ride. I'm not going to talk to much on it but make sure you take a squizz yourself. The second feature looks at some Brisbane locals and their riding adventures around Japan! These images have to be seen! SQUIZZ IT!

Moving on to videos.

I got really stoked on this BMX INDIA - Bloodline X Mascot video. I watch a fair amount of BMX videos online and its fuckin rare to see shit going down in India and barely see any Indian riders. Some of the stuff they ride is so out of this world.

Pole Jams are something that is straight up not happening in Brisbane. I have devoted entire days just to searching around grimy industrial areas for a good bent pole. Having said that I get pretty excited about pole jam clips and a whole minute edit devoted to the jam had me quite enjoyed!

A Polejam Minute from Latane Coghill on Vimeo.

Beer Boyz, just like the smell of wafting weed at a house party I was easily drawn to this edit. With a name like beer boyz I was thinking to myself these dudes better drink some fuckin beers and to my pleasant surprise they drank loads. I love a good shotgun clip and this edit features loads. Oh yeah the riding is also good.

Coming to the end of the BMX part of this post is the most recent and wild video. Chris Childs The Ramp II is straight fuckin insane. With a ramp of course you're going to jump over big shit and so on but I loved Chris's creativity in the way he uses the ramp on setups that otherwise would be impossible to ride. Must watch! That first crash a a dick breaker!

Moving on to a single skateboarding video. Following on from my creative riding post a few weeks back Richie Jackson is at it with a new video and chances are you have already seen it 5 times as it has gone viral as FUCK!  Crazy freaky alien shit on a wooden board.

In music!
Some dudes what you may know making a cool music. I thought it was rather cool that a bunch of people worked together on this project. Some of which usually film BMX. The video and music are both trippy good! Do enjoy!

Peace it yo!

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