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A Heap Of Videos to Keep ya Stoked!

Hey all.
Been keepin busy with a verity of shit that isn't that dope!
Had a great Halloween though!
Here's my pick on some web clips of late!
Do Enjoy!

First up we have Anton Ayres The Division Project section and my goodness it's packed full of goodies! You may have already watched it as it has been floating around for the past week but why not watch it again! Its full of insane Anton style riding and some crazy rails! Dude has got to be one of the best riders out at the moment!

Next up we have this super creative and very technically well down skating video! It really an awesome watch! Makes me wanna go for a push right now!
Keep On Pushin' from Ricki Bedenbaugh on Vimeo.

Swinging right back into local BMX Guy sent me his new edit and man I swear he just had one out! The dude rides non stop and his progression is very visible! He hits some real cool rails in this! Fav part is when he shows up all the scooter riders!
Guy Perrett: Grind Time from Guy Perrett on Vimeo.

Bouncing back into skating we have this wild video of skaters rippin it up around and airport! This one has been floating around a bunch of sites! But man its worth the watch! super professional for sure!

Coming back closer to home, I was stoked on this lil clip of some local dudes rolling the new Nambour skatepark! Place looks like a load of fun! These dudes kill it!

Jumpin back on the bike we have a Mix from some West Oz dudes! This is real good watch! Very well put together and most of these spots look like hella fun! LOG TRAIN
Mixtape B6 from BBBBBB on Vimeo.

Shit another clip! This one has been flying around every where all day today! Monster Energy out with a new BMX dvd! Don't get me wrong this will be awesome video and the trailer is fantastically put together but fuck sake. Why so bloody dramatic? It's BMX! Shouldn't it be showing all the sweet hangs and awesome times? Not mashed up like a fucking horror film trailer! Just my opinion is all!

Last up I've been meaning to mention that home boi Vocko has done a real good one on putting up a fresh looking Cripsy Stream! Shit is looking great and the posts have been on point! go check it !
And check this is a great read!

Get internet in ya and have a good night!

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