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Some NEWZ!

Little bit of an update in the chronic bone world! There has been a little bit of lag on the Samurai Disco EP being released as from what i know it is still being mastered and made amazing but we should be hearing some of that real soon along with the Samurai Disco Page being PIMP-O-FIED yew.
As for Mad Kow Industries they are dropping loads of little dope clips all the time over on youtube check...


Chronic Bone Clothing just got its first installment of T shirts YEW!
Here are the first series of Chronic Bone T's!
Meth Till Deth
 Chronic Bone Super Grunge
 Chronic Bone Small logo
 Chronic Bone Logo
 Chronic Bone Text
 Chronic Bone Grunge
 Chronic Bone Logo- white
All Shirts $15!
All T shirts are awesome quality cotton and are Tall T style fit. Sizes are Medium, Large and & XL.
All Shirts...

Awww shit-ere!

yo yo little bit of random shit to look at!
firstly here are a few more photos from Samurai Disco recording their Ep down at the Gold Coast!
 trying to play musics
The Ep "Strobe Lights and Sword Fights" is still being mastered should see/hear some fresh shit from them soon!
Here are some videos that i have enjoyed latly!
some bmx edits! Awesome local rider!



yo yo, I've been down the coast chronic bonin all weekend with Samurai Disco recording their EP, titled " Strobe Lights and Sword Fights" the hole thing is coming together nicely with band members reppin the newly printed first run of Chronic Bone T shirts YEWW.
here are a few snips from that weekend
Mario Cart!
I am also working on a Video of the recordingness!...

News: Chronic Bone Clothing YEWW

Chronic Bone Clothing is on the way YEWW party with first run of shirts in the making! The shirts feature the chronic bone logo. They are black and tall T-ish style! here is a picture of the very first !

Soon to have Polo's and singlets! and in the future Tie Dye T's!

Also in other news Samurai Discohas been in recording all weekend working on their EP! There will be some updates from them and...