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Woke N Boke,

Hey team! Have got a lot of shit going on at the moment!
-Been looking into a few cheeky Tye Die's for Chronic Bone Summer Time vibes! Should be great!

-Also been hectic busy with uni related shit! Any hooo
 Moving on here is a picture Tim sent me a while back that I feel needed to be shown!
makes me hungry! 

Also got sent this picture! good to see ladies getting into it!
 CRISPY CROOONIIX WOO (thanks Jennydawgs)

Over the weekend our good friend Simmoo decided to build a few ghetto ramps in his yard and then drink and ride them!
Was a great day! working on editing a lil mix at the moment, here are a few snaps from the footage!

Shit was good! should have the mix up some time this week!

The goon slingers are running out!
Don't miss out on the most thug way to carry your sack!

Dudes who wanna stay up to date with chronic related shizzel should hit us up on the FACEBOOK!
you can also follow @unclechronicbone on instragram (Bruss)

Apart from that I hope every one is having a good week check some vidz
If you know me a luv a gewd playground
Erik Elstran Goes to Berlin from Sunday Bikes on Vimeo.
fuckin hex brew

Also luv a good travel clip


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