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We got the funk!

Hey all! Been busy but also chill time lately!
Been working on a few new projects and the summer line is well on the way!
Whos keen for some tanks/singlets
This may or may not be printed on the chest of the new singlets !
Cant wait for these!
Now to the chill times! not having a job has its Pros and Cons

PRO: being able to go "fishing" on a weekday
CON: not being able to afford bait
PRO: being able to get trippy with ya best mate mr. pelican
Now back to some rel shit heres a couple good videos!

I meant to watch this last week but didnt have time to commit the whole 28 mins! BUT ITS SO WORTH IT! amazing video coming out of Melbourne

The texas toast would have been great! heres a lil doco style video on that event

This is also great, BSD doing shit gewd! also  Liam Zingbergsup in dat, so enjoy!
BSD 'In the streets of MOSCOW' from BSD on Vimeo.


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