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So this is pretty well overdue and hopefully isn't new news to anyone but the new Slayer album is excellent. It's exactly the sound that you want blasting from your speakers or headphones when you're in a slayer mood (pretty much always). There was a lot of talk about how the change in line-up for the band might not be a good thing but anyone who suggested as much was flat out wrong! The "new-sound" of Slayer is just as heavy and generally brilliant as earlier albums. The only real difference I could pick up was everything sounds a little bit more polished, the whole album flows exceptionally well. It's not often I listen to a whole album and then put it on again straight away but every time I listen to Repentless I struggle to find anything else that I enjoy as much with the same tone (I'll admit the new Parkway record comes close). Listening to this makes me feel like I should find a roof gap and throw myself off it or something, good music, good vibes.

Here's the title track, my favourite off the album.

And just in case you want to hear the whole thing but only have like 6 minutes spare:

Enjoy the week!

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