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So much BMX goodness has been happening recently, For example, your favourite washed dudes birthday came and went! Shoutout to Bigmac, happy 19th mate.

Here he is playing with a pushbike.
Crispy Stream: Coppin' It Deadly from Crispy Stream on Vimeo.

Damien Kluver is a cool dude who's on the flow team for Lux which is awesome and he just put this fantastic mixtape up of some Brisbane riding featuring some VERY good park riding and general sick vibes! Lots of impressive names in this one including Damo himself.

Cult and Vans have some new colab coming through and to get you to buy their stuff they released this rad little mix. Feat. Timmy Theus BMX Jesus.
VANS PROMO CULT from Cult Crew on Vimeo.

Whilst I'm mentioning brands, Lux is premiering the new fit video this weekend.

This last mixtape is a little old but is fucking gold. 10/10 would smoke crack and question skynet to.
2 850 I n the club from ver mane on Vimeo.


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