Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Weekend was swell!
had a fairly good balance of good times and good times!
Started working on filming some more CB projects for the future!
Squizz some gravy times!
Gold Coast dudes know how to live the dream!

The bestest friends invited me to come down to stay at there apartment at the coast for the night on Saturday! Was super fun! Thanks Bestest Friends

 Rare Image of Jye treating/off noosing
 far to skitz for clitz

Apart from that shit!
This Trey Jones / Johnny Devlin split is fucking rad so much original gravy

The Division Project mix section! Props to the urine drinking legend


Classy Broads

Met a German girl today with tattoo's of people having sex all over her legs, pretty wild business for a Tuesday. Couldn't get a decent photo unfortunately but imagine Kama Sutra style wacky positions covering fat, pasty, German legs and you're pretty much there.

This vid has 0 fat pasty German legs, but it does have a French dude getting sweet on the street.

This little wizard video did the rounds already but the music selection is too amazing for me to not watch it every single time I see it!

And in the way of music that I can't go past, this track is shitty hipster crap and I can't get enough of it.

This is also really good and has been stuck in my brain all day (when I can dislodge Destiny's Child that is).


Thursday, September 25, 2014

Sharing some stuff!

Some videos and other quality content to get ya stoked !

Firstly the video of the WTP Gap Bowl jam is already out! Jack did a fuckin sweet job of capturing the vibe and overall splendidness of the day!
More Jams and more Jam videos like this I say!

Greg Illingworth blasting street trannies in this edit for bell helmets! Fuck he goes big! Great song as well!

I came across this awesome photo gallery on DIGBMX!
Featuring a bunch of shot from Andrew White that havn't been put out anywhere! God know why!

Apart from that I have been working on a series of psychedelic influenced dream state self portraits for my major at uni this semester!
Heres one of em for you to stay trippy with!


Been a lazy dude lately and haven't posted at all despite having zero real life commitments. This should make up for it. I promise.

Firstly, this video has a pug in it, classic hipster marketing move. It's also got some amazing street riding. Something about the style of these mixtape style video's is so sick. Worth 7 minutes fo sho!
The Bridge- Mixtape from derek on Vimeo.

Kyle Hart is the fucking man! This was my favourite section from the subrosa GUTI dvd by far. Fastplants and turndowns aplenty from a total shredder.

I also spent about 2 hours getting my hektic skid car motor to Toowoomba last weekend where I could only get one (fucked) radio station that produced this absolute pearler! Make sure your neighbours can hear you pumpin this badboy and maybe sing along hey!

Fuck rednecks.

And finally as way of an apology for being such a lazy cunt I have this:
The single most majestic photo of Jimbo ever taken. This was mid week somewhere in some hills and he was totally sober. What a fucked dude.


Monday, September 22, 2014

Skull Wax available online!

Our skull wax is now available over on the online store!
To celebrate A bunch of other items have gone on sale!

Yeww stoked to have these going live!

The Bone Thugs crew have been together for about a year now!
To thank the dudes I did up a few new shirts!

There are about 5 left over ranging in sizes M, L & XL

On Sale for $25! Will throw in a free Skull Wax!

Hit me up personally on facebook or email : james.hornsby92@hotmail.com