Monday, March 23, 2015

The Most Moist Day

Had a cracker of a weekend! Despite the horrid weather here in Brisbane.
Went out on Saturday with a large crew to capture some bloody dopeness. Things looked rather busted from the start as storm clouds rumbled over.

Wilton gettin deadly on a flying star fish!
The day seemed to start off alright until it started pissing down..
All the riders huddled together under a small shelter. It was quiet and every one kept to themselves as they knew the day may in fact be ruined!

One of the riders Cody, left the shelter as he did not want to believe this was happening. As he stood under the sky he then realised what the others had already known. That it was a fucking miserable wet cunt of a day!

But then almost all at once, the combined optimism came bursting out, as there faces lit up with smiles as they were certain that the rain will pass soon.

Mr Vocko taking the leadership roll in this time of need, led the riders to a larger sheltered spot and cheered them all up as he knew what cheers all riders up the most, smashing shit!

Mr Big Mac expressed his anger towards the weather in the form of becoming the best BMX Filmer on the east coast

But it wasn't long until his buttery fingers (because he is always wanking and eating greasy food coz hes a fuck knuckle) let the camera slip from his hands.

The oldest and most wise of the group Mr Wood knew exactly what to do.

And all of a sudden, the sun came and cleared up the rain. As all the riders had hoped!
There was a great cheer amongst the group!
Mr Chris took to selfies to social media to express his excitement!

And finally Mr Wilton shut down the spot forever and they would never need to come back to the Ridge of Acacia!
The End

Hope you guys all enjoyed that classic story called The Most Moist Day!

I also as usual have some videos to share!

This just dropped! Cody Pollard for Fit Australia and its unbelievable! From one of the most brutal as fuck crashes in the intro to the ending clip that I'd rate as my favorite of this year! The entire video is full of Cody's wild stylish airs! He is in the air more than any where in this video! Combination of crazy street drops and super fast park and trails lines! Must watch, deadly as shit!

More from Brisbane. ShitDungaStatus has a sweet new mix featuring loads of tech fun riding from all over the place!
SDS Chills Vol 2 from shitdungastatus on Vimeo.

Also in Brisbane. Some really impressive skating in here editing to Mac Demarco! Can't go wrong! They always seem to find the funnest spots!

Jerry recently posted on crispy with a few photos and a lil update on his travels! I'd check it out if i were you!


Thursday, March 19, 2015

Get stoned n smash shit!

Recently, Simmo became a full time uni drop out and he has been enjoying the shit out of it!

Had a swell hump day this week! Went for a bush walk! was swell!
Trying to live the dream even if Uni is crushing!

Got some internet heat to share!
This is fantastic, Sweet riding from Thomas Dunn all over Brisbane. Real groovy vibe! Feast ya eyes!

Also while we on the man I can not forget this section from BMX Nostalgia !
THOMAS DUNN - BMX NOSTALGIA 2010 DVD from Jack Birtles on Vimeo.

Your favorite WA BMX clothing have a sweet lil vid out featuring a mix of all their dudes!
Downlow Apparel - "Street Crew 2015" from Downlow Apparel on Vimeo.

Also cruising around watching fun shit I came across this! Interesting as fuck !
Hearing Tarantino from Jacob T. Swinney on Vimeo.

Been frothin this bad boy of recent!


Monday, March 16, 2015

Stay in school kids!

Spent the entire weekend filming with dream team best-est friends & lovers Gangbangshwang and Big Mac! Was bloody great weekend! It felt great to get back capturing such rad moments and just hanging out having a great time!
I only have a few stills from the weekend as I dedicated most the time to video!

dat shadow!

I'm excited to see what we get up to in coming weekends!

Here are some videos I wanted to share!

Leading up to the past weekend a few things were out and about on the web! Firstly this split edit!
The two dudes Nick Castillo and Cody Bowers rock some sweet fast paced shit with loads of amazing wall-rides and cheeky spots! Get on it!

Next was this sweet lil edit of Eric Elstran. It just got me stoked on how much fun they are having even if the weather is shit house and I mean snow storm shit house! A really dope lil edit this one! Riding is just stupid fun and so is Nintendo!

Elstranded in Denver from Rob DiQuattro on Vimeo.

This has been floating around to day! You just have to watch it! UNREAL!

and last is this sweetie!
It's over a year old now but this dude skated 700 miles! Its insane! There is an interview over HERE you can read all about it! 

Coastal Native from Clay Shank on Vimeo.


Wednesday, March 11, 2015


 So much fresh stuff to share!
Fabian Bader is back with another video from traveling Europe! Apparently these are all leftover clips but gee wiz I'm glad he put them together! Video is super dope! Loads of crazy spots! Jerry and Raph still living the dream!
GLOBETROTTER - Cuatrosieteuno from Fabian Bader on Vimeo.

Also from Fabian a few weeks back is this sweet lil night time riding clip! Edit to the theme of Night Rider! Check it!
GLOBE TROTTER - kNIGHT RIDER from Fabian Bader on Vimeo.

I was super happy today when a heard this new song from Tame Impala!
It's been allover the web but listen to it again and if you haven't yet DO IT! 

Thats all I wanted to share really!

Tuesday, March 10, 2015


Here is a picture of simmo absolutely cunteyed in Thailand

Got some vidyah love to share!
Firstly I seen this pop up on facebook!
Having seen some of the beautiful air this dude gets on instagram from time to time got me extra stoked on this edit! Dylan Lewis is flying all over the place! Edit is packed full groovy park lines and wild gaps! Jam packed with some stylish trail riding! The second song also took me back to one of the Tony Hawk games, maybe the third one? I think the song is by Adolescents? Some one smart phone dat shit! Anyway ENJOY!
Dylan Lewis // 2015 from James Fox on Vimeo.

Simmo got me onto these two skate edits called ScumCoast! A few years old now but still a treat! He was reminded of them by the Busted Mix I just finished! Check it out! Party times!



Friday, March 6, 2015


Here is a treat for your weekend!
Enjoy this scrap mix!

It's all busted shit Vol. 1 features scrap clips from the Chronic Bone trips! Also a load of random footage from other hangs and heaps off c00l bike stunts!
Seeing as most the footage isn't very impressive I did my best to edit it in an enjoyable way! So let this educational video be sent to your brains!

Here is a real treat of a video to come out today!
Cult's Eyeland video is fuckin amazing! I'd pay money to watch this! The level of riding is crazy! Almost every clip could be considered the ender of a web edit! Music is dope! Edit on point!

This is also a great photo gallery to go along with it!

This here skate video is fuckin wild! The obstacles these guys have build are grand!
Can't explain! Just watch!

SKATE HEADS from Flexfit on Vimeo.

Peace out
Enjoy the weekendd!