Thursday, August 21, 2014


Seems like its gunna be another washed out weekend!

The New Fit DVD prem on Saturday should lighten up the dull weather!
Lux has sorted out a venue for the viewing!
check it!

Also some other stuff to watch!
I laughed at this!

also the video clip for this is awesome! wasn't really a fan of Action Bronson til now

Have a sweet weekend! No matter what your up to!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014


So much BMX goodness has been happening recently, For example, your favourite washed dudes birthday came and went! Shoutout to Bigmac, happy 19th mate.

Here he is playing with a pushbike.
Crispy Stream: Coppin' It Deadly from Crispy Stream on Vimeo.

Damien Kluver is a cool dude who's on the flow team for Lux which is awesome and he just put this fantastic mixtape up of some Brisbane riding featuring some VERY good park riding and general sick vibes! Lots of impressive names in this one including Damo himself.

Cult and Vans have some new colab coming through and to get you to buy their stuff they released this rad little mix. Feat. Timmy Theus BMX Jesus.
VANS PROMO CULT from Cult Crew on Vimeo.

Whilst I'm mentioning brands, Lux is premiering the new fit video this weekend.

This last mixtape is a little old but is fucking gold. 10/10 would smoke crack and question skynet to.
2 850 I n the club from ver mane on Vimeo.


Friday, August 15, 2014

raining saturday!

had some plans to ride today! fuck dat weather! heres some clips of people riding!

a new crackdad/blackdad mix! full of crazy fuckin about!
PIZZADAN 1 from black dad on Vimeo.

I've been following the Eat Children Crew on instagram for a while now! IF you haven't seen there new mix yet your missing the fuck out! full of amazing riding & swell times from a crew down in Adelaide!

Eat Children Crew Mixtape from Eat Children Crew on Vimeo.

Been working hard with this baby to bring you some rad shit coming soon!

Also im hella stoked when happy customers of the bone send me shit like this! THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT!


Sunday, August 10, 2014

Smoking room!

Hey lad's, sorry for the complete lack of posting here on the BONE!
It is basically that time again when a lot of what I do relates to my uni work and less riding and having a blast but oh well.
SO Between Uni start, learning to play the didgeridoo & having the flu I haven't been doing to much!
But I have some things to look at for you today!

was doing some light painting in a gravy yard for no apparent reason a few weeks back!
managed to get these done between doing what was a test for some assignment

Heres some BMX clips from the past few weeks I really enjoyed!

Dude Bird Mess Tape 2 from Dude Bird on Vimeo.

Melbourne streetz. this is awesome as it seems to be compiled of clips gathered over 3 years or so. It's interesting how you notice the look of some older bikes (smaller handle bars and so on)

Melbourne Street Edit from Daniel Rosenthal on Vimeo.

Dave Hughes is a funny bloke!

a beat for ya box


Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Fried noodle brain

If you have ever seen Xave Koen give a fuck don't tell anyone because he will come murder you in your sleep (probably). Here he is demonstrating how good 41 seconds of bicycles can look.

Now I've never met the guy but from what I have heard Cooper Brownlee is seriously devoted to his bmx which means that this Division production he's had his hands all over is going to be good. Check out the list of riders featured and get excited.

I'm sure almost everyone has seen this already but just wanted to share that I am pretty pissed there was no actual nudity. What the fuck.

Finally I have a video from TCU that is in the same vein as that weird Frenchie drinking coffee and not riding thing from a couple of weeks back but with a little more riding. Not sure how to feel about these but here you go:

Now go watch the first two videos again to clear the brain rot. Bicycles.