Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Aw yeah?

It's nearly the end of the week and I am seriously looking forward to celebrating the upcoming long weekend. I actually get e-mail updates from a bunch of websites and companies with all their new edits so here's 3 edits that are awesome but I had to go find myself. (Step up your game BMX marketing.)

First up Dove Shit Kru have the weirdest name of any group of dudes that like to shred that I can think of. They also know how to make the most of any spot they find from the looks of it.

Lahsaan Kobza and mark Burnett are not two guys that my brain would ever put together for a split edit but somebody gone came up with that idea and it turned out real cool.

Finally Broc Raiford just dropped this new edit for Ride BMX and it is sweet. Broc is some kind of man child who sold his soul to the devil from the looks of it because he makes the shit in this edit look waayyy too easy. Fire emoji.

Goonboys2k16 here I come. Enjoy the weekend!

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Pornhub approved!

There is a lot of bmx edits on pornhub. Alot. But where is the bmx porn? Someone call Sean Burns and get him onto it. Surfin for the ugly broads was the closest to bmx porn I've seen yet, and it was a badass dvd. If anyone wants to donate a copy hit me up!

Anyways, real bmx happened this week and the video that has me most stoked is from a guy called Pablo Senen. This is 100% cool fucking street bmx. It's not all jib wizard business and it's not all deadman bangers but it is all awesome. I'm always skeptical of anyone who rocks dreds but this dude takes the gnar and then shreds it.

Also this week I got deep into the latest Grimes album which really isn't that new but I'd never got around to checking out. I seriously enjoyed her 2012 album Visions, enough to buy the vinyl, so I had pretty high hopes for Art Angels as well. The album is fucking badass though it's an awesome blend of the trippy and melodic sound that you would expect but it's got more pop and dance overtones than older tracks. I expect that this album will end up with alot of radio play if it hasn't already. Grimes might be a sweaty eclectic fruitloop but her new album is polished to perfection and sounds like there might have been a bump in production value since her last record. It's well worth a listen.
Better yet check out the youtube video's. Her music video's are next level trippy shit and I personally love them. Here's my top 2 video clips but make sure to check out the whole album!

Have a good week dudes!

Monday, April 11, 2016

Photog Post.

Was really good to get out and shoot with the dudes this past weekend.
Had a bloody blast! Here are some snap shots!

Jerry turning up his angle dial.

Denby getting stuff done.

 Riding bikes with mates is so full of fun.

 The dudes being heavily hungover on Sunday started to get to work on backyard ramp builds.


Friday, April 1, 2016

A lotta Web stuff.

Haven't been posting stuff up here as much as I would like too. Between uni, other projects and working on some super secret behind the scenes CB stuff I haven't really found the time or motivation. I have here a large buffet of videos and so on from the web for you to enjoy!

First the BMX portion.

There have been to great photo features on DIG BMX from Australian dudes over the passed few weeks.  It excited when people hold on to images for so long and put them towards something rather than just spewing them out all over social media none stop. This first feature focuses on the crazy search missions that dudes have done to find amazing dam set ups to ride. I'm not going to talk to much on it but make sure you take a squizz yourself. The second feature looks at some Brisbane locals and their riding adventures around Japan! These images have to be seen! SQUIZZ IT!

Moving on to videos.

I got really stoked on this BMX INDIA - Bloodline X Mascot video. I watch a fair amount of BMX videos online and its fuckin rare to see shit going down in India and barely see any Indian riders. Some of the stuff they ride is so out of this world.

Pole Jams are something that is straight up not happening in Brisbane. I have devoted entire days just to searching around grimy industrial areas for a good bent pole. Having said that I get pretty excited about pole jam clips and a whole minute edit devoted to the jam had me quite enjoyed!

A Polejam Minute from Latane Coghill on Vimeo.

Beer Boyz, just like the smell of wafting weed at a house party I was easily drawn to this edit. With a name like beer boyz I was thinking to myself these dudes better drink some fuckin beers and to my pleasant surprise they drank loads. I love a good shotgun clip and this edit features loads. Oh yeah the riding is also good.

Coming to the end of the BMX part of this post is the most recent and wild video. Chris Childs The Ramp II is straight fuckin insane. With a ramp of course you're going to jump over big shit and so on but I loved Chris's creativity in the way he uses the ramp on setups that otherwise would be impossible to ride. Must watch! That first crash a a dick breaker!

Moving on to a single skateboarding video. Following on from my creative riding post a few weeks back Richie Jackson is at it with a new video and chances are you have already seen it 5 times as it has gone viral as FUCK!  Crazy freaky alien shit on a wooden board.

In music!
Some dudes what you may know making a cool music. I thought it was rather cool that a bunch of people worked together on this project. Some of which usually film BMX. The video and music are both trippy good! Do enjoy!

Peace it yo!

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

You fat maccas addicted cunt

What's up with all the webisodes? Why are they so damn popular? Should I do a webisode? Be honest Boners, how many of you would watch me follow East coast aussie dudes around all weekend? It sounds pretty dumb to me but for some reason videos of exactly the same thing except set in LA are crazy popular right now. John Hicks is the first name that comes to mind when I think of dudes cashing in on the webisode deal and god damn does he like to put his name on stuff (like really really fucking loves putting his name on stuff). I feel like the type of person who gets really into webisodes probably doesn't do much riding, if you're inside watching people ride, you're not actually enjoying bmx. Whatever.

That said, the recent Animal jam webisode thing that Miles Rogoish put together is actually pretty deadly. When are we going to see another filthy drains jam hey? Jerry has been back in straya for a while now so make sure you bug him about it when you see him. 
Check the Animal Jam:

I've been pretty busy recently with work and my car (went to the QR Matsuri last weekend which was excellent) which added to my busted ass ankle doesn't allow for much riding which is a bit shit but a long weekend always means lots of riding. Fuck yeah.

Trey Jones has been hinting at this lil web edit of his for a while now and I took 2 things from it:
1. Trey Jones wears the same shoes as Red Foo
2. Trey Jones will probably always be my absolute favorite bat shit weird cunt.

And finally I don't know who Brandon Perez is but this edit has a shit name. Instead of "sturdy wrists"they should have called it "How to eat shit and whip and make it look good"because that's pretty much what this dude is about. Also featuring a 270 on a roof and a 360 roof gap. This is going to be a seriously underrated edit. I can already feel it. Should have used a drake song and kept it lit Brandon. Amateur. 

Keep your eyes peelied for a Brento-spec webisode featuring brissy pro's who don't want to be filmed and lots of 180's. ENJOY!

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Web Junk

It's been slow working on content for this here blog but there will be some new and exciting things soon. For now here is my pick of web junk!
I do really enjoy watching BMX videos but I also like to watch other gnarly shit to kinda open my mind a little bit to other ideas and how dudes from other disciplines film and make videos.
I really enjoy a good surf video! I've been diggin this one lately. They really capture the energy of the crazy surf and the dudes in it are pulling some loose moves!


Red Bull always support alternative "sports" and create amazing content. The level of production they put into their videos always makes them worth the watch. This video focusing on Mike "Hucker" Clark is fuckin mint. Love the dudes riding and outlook on life!

Also Red Bull is currently bringing out a new series featuring some of your favorite riders traveling around NZ. You can check those videos here. 

Earlier in the week I put up a post that focused on some of my favorite creative riding videos to watch and one of the main dudes was Drew Hosselton. He just happened to drop another great video this week full of crazy jibby shit. Love this guys riding! Arizona looks fuckin fun!

This next video looks at the internationally renowned  street artist Guido van Helten. The guy paints the most amazing murals. If you're a Brisbane local chances are you may have seen some of his work around town. This video focus's on his project of painting 6 30meter high silo's in the Victorian country town of Brim. Crazy good stuff!

King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard are back at it again with a new album dropping next month! Fuck knows how these guys manage to travel so much and keep bringing out great albums!
Here is a track from that new album.