Friday, July 24, 2015

A Day with the Dirt Man.

Being on Uni holidays I was super stoked to hear that Vocko and Dylan were going to be riding and shooting some stuff on a weekday. Great start to the weekend if you ask me!

Dylan or Dirty, Dirtman, Dirty Gremlin or what ever you like to call him is a great dude and a straight up murderer on his bike! Vocko and Dylan have been working on a video for a while now and its gunna be a fuckin brown snake of an edit!

Here are some of the snaps from the day!

 Peaceful dirty
 All this bloke things about is filming and editing BMX!

If that wasn't the deadliest thing seen all day!

Enjoy the snaps and your weekend bruffs.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Dejected Bueg.

The power of friendship.

If this was last week, I would be saying "this was my friend Simmo".

You may have seen the adds that keep popping up before a YouTube video about how bad Meth can be for your job. Well believe it or not kids, This isn't meth, This is Simmo completely sober. (He fuckin smash's his job on the gear).
The dude just can't function. When I came around to his house on Friday morning it was apparent he had been going between swiping right to every bird on tinder and just straight up flogging it while crying.

So I through him in the car and took him straight to our dealers house and the dude couldn't have been better!

Lucky we are friends with a great dealer! It's amazing the power of friendship and how it can change a person for the better.
Now I can say this is my friend Simmo! and he would probs say "I'm Simmo".

Here's a pic from afar of Deadly Willy Wilto smashin a D-P down a sketchy dog rail! Dude was stoked and so was everyone!

I dig this guys riding! I love finding cool little things along the street to bump and grind on! This dude kills that style and it goes a treat with Charlie Crumlish's style on the edit!

Talkin of dudes who kill it on the edit! Troy 'BIG SALAD' Charlesworth has laid out yet another bangin edit! This time it's Boyd Hilder for Mankind! Whole production is gravy from start to finish! Riding is fuckin stupid good! Somethings that hurt my brain were: Flip whippin fuckin huge set, pegs to cannon ball, fast plant backie & the final clip! WATCH IT!

Here's a beat for ya ear's! Wavves have a new album on the way and put up a newie from it! Pretty damn catchy!

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Booze Shoes!

Hey kids!
Ere's a lovely new song from Mac Demarco! Dude keeps on dropping music out! His new EP is set to hit in August and I'm pretty excited for some Mac vibes!

Jye Stuart, living legend, Australia's most underrated, Milkshake enthusiast & all around lovely boy has just dropped a dope little video to further promote the SHIBBY ROMA DVD!

Shibby Roma is one hell of a good production as I mentioned in a small review I did on it earlier in the year. I strongly recommend every body gets there hands on a copy! Available from the shibby roma webstore and all good BMX stores!

Continuing BMX:

Josh Babu rides with some serious style! Over on his Vimeo channel the dude has been making some great long mixes over the passed few years and they are a good watch if you have the time! Seems he's got another mix on the way "Hot and Heavy" and this is a good indication of the final production.
Josh Babu vs. Texas Concrete from Josh Babu on Vimeo.

Enjoy the cold!

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Walking around, Barefoot, Eating Avocados'

Have a few more Straddie vibes for your eyes.
Also some other stuff from around the web.

'ere's an image I put together of other images from the trip!

A photo of the painting I made while over there,

Pretty stoked on it.

I was also stoked that Mac DeMarco droped a FREE TO DOWNLOAD instrumental album that is full of slow summer day vibes! I suggest you download it! 

This new Jason Watts for Shadow Conspiracy has blown the fuck up and you can tell why. So much bullshit in this! The dude has to be going at some fuckin high speeds!Big Salad on the film/edit! DIG IT, WATCH IT! 

Googles "deepdream" shit has been all over the net! I read up on how it all works and its very cool technology! Some one used to to trip out the already super trippy fear n loathing in Las Vegas! Classic shit!

Peace over the weekend!

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Oi come to Straddie!

I've spent the good part of the last week or so over on North stradbroke island. Straddy is a beautiful sight and a haven for wildlife. The trip was part of a program with uni to go over to the island and learn about is history and culture and reflect on it by creating new works that we exhibited on the last night and will also be exhibiting in Brisbane later this year. It was a bloody great experience and I'm thankful for the whole experience.

Here is a few snap shots from some of the places and event that were part of the trip!

Good ol time!
Perfect post to revisit the LUX BMX trip to straddie last year!
LUXBMX "Washed Up On Straddie" from LUXBMX on Vimeo.

Mate sent me this!



Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Off for the weekend!

As I mentioned in the before post I'm off on a Uni trip for credit over the weekend!
Thought I'd leave some stuff on here to squizz at while I am gone!

Have you ever heard a person refer to BMX or skating with the metaphor, "My bike/skateboard is the paint brush and the streets/ city is my canvas." So the rider/skater is referring to themselves as an artist. I have no problem with this and I think its quite beautiful that a rider or skater can feel that way I just wish they worded it differently! You know, something like, "My bike is my death machine and the streets are my killing ground!" You know, something more deadly.

Subrosa in Vegas is some straight up art for you! Music/ filming/ edit & riding are all fucking filthy good! Red hot! splendid shit! Chance's are one of your favorite riders are on the Subrosa team or you just love em all! dig it!

To stack on top of this Art show we have the ACT JAM 2015 video! I wasn't able to go to the jam this year but this video made me feel betting knowing how awesome it was and how good the next one will be!
ACT JAM 2015 from Back Bone BMX on Vimeo.

I also enjoyed vockos words on his trip down there and the disposable images he captured, check it out.

Fuck this is heavy. Used to love this band when I was a bit younger. Still have an ear for them but holy shit this new video is just as heavy as the breakdowns.

 BREAKDOWNS >controversy
sub drops > bomb drops
mosh hard > jihad
guitar shredding > beheading

Here is a random image by me I have chosen to leave you with!

Paradox pool.

Enjoy the weekend dudes, soak in some vibes.