Thursday, November 20, 2014

Get ya kit off!

Got some visuals!
I like to play around with random photos I shoot some times. These are pretty recent!

these are gettin super trippy!

This is a lil old but damn its golden!

Liam Zingbergs with an edit made up of unused footage! Shit is wild!
Liam Zingbergs Edit from LittleBlackBike on Vimeo.

We are currently cleaning out the store! Got some new stuff coming in soon so we need some more room! Almost everything is on sale! check it out!

PEACE twothousandandfourteen

Jase Euro Vacation & some vids!

Hey all!
Team rider/bonethug/rad dude Jason recently ventured over to Europe for a short time with good mate Beau to ride n have a hell of a good time!

He swung me a few pics and words to post up here! LIVE THE DREAM!


 Rode this amazing bowl almost everyday we were there. Beau destroyed it!
 Stayed here in Beverwijk which is just outside on Amsterdam. It used to be a cinema which has now been squared out for 10 or so years and is now the home for a few riders.
This is inside!! The guys rebuilding this are super fucking dialed at it. Shame we couldn't ride the whole thing.

Bmx tandem at Rock n Roll bmx distro.

Stoked we got to ride this. It was in a place called Darwin in Bordeaux.
They brewed there own beer there.

 Darwin had 4 different skateparks. Bmx bandits been the best.

Bordeaux street seen was fucking awesome!!


 Looks like they had a great time!
This video explains it a lil better!

Cheers for the pics Jase

Speaking of Europe! Brady has put together a bunch of his footage of him skating as they have been venturing over there!  Fuckin dope!
Bradies Euro adventures from Raphael Jeroma-Williams on Vimeo.

You may or may not be a fan of the music but who isn't a fan of monk's n kung fu?


Friday, November 14, 2014

Mike Vockenson Absolut Dadness

Hey guys! You have probably already ( I hope) seen Mr Vockenson's new edit for Shadow!
The dude never disappoints to put out a great edit full of unreal shit. I remember watching his welcome to Tempered edit  back when I was still in high school and thought the guy was insane but he has always been out doing himself. I have been lucky enough to been there for a good part of the filming of this new video and have some cool shots to go down with it!
I'm pretty interested in what does or maybe doesn't go on in the dudes head when he sends this kind of stuff so I sent him a few questions as well as just some chit chat! The amount of effort the dude puts into his riding and crispy and having a gnarly injury and all I thought it needed some coverage!

Hey Mike, I’ve been meaning to send you some questions over recently about your injury and the new crispy but having your new shadow video drop just in time is a plus.
The new edit absolute madness is exactly that. Completely packed full of yeti sized shit up until your accident and it leaves you thinking wtf is going on in your head.
I have been lucky enough to be there to shoot some stills for you while filming for this video. Before almost every insane gap or rail you pull you go through a small ritual. Usually a shit tone of run ups followed by you staring at whatever it may be you’re about to huck yourself onto and finally you hopping up and down like you have ants in your pants. What is going on inside your mind man? Is it just positive psychology, you visualizing yourself making the jump or is more deep and grainy like a scene from a David lynch film?

Thanks for the props man. Honestly, I do think ALOT about what I'm doing before I actually do it, which alot of the time is hard because I get so excited and want to send it straight away. The key for me is being able to visualise whatever it is I want to do. If I can visualise it happening then chances are that I'm going to do it, pending weather, cars in the way etc. I'm almost always shitting myself but having that visualisation in the back of my mind gives me the confidence to try it. I also usually try and weigh up the worst case scenario to net out all the negatives beforehand as well. This way, if the worst case scenario isn't all that bad, then fuck it. 

Haha yeah, a few people have started to point out the nervous 'jumping' I seem to love. Thinking about it now, I guess that comes from my racing days where before a final I would jump around and loosen up. Having a little ritual helps I find. 

A lot of the time when you ask me to come shoot some of your outrageous riding I myself get nervous as to what is install for the day. Then seeing what you want to pull and then shooting you make it, it’s a rollercoaster ride of emotions but it must be at least tenfold on yourself. You plan your clips for weeks, months even, does the feeling of nerves build up over that time? Can you explain how it feels when you do roll off from a ridiculous gap? 

It's the best feeling in the world man and why I keep wanting to do it. Being able to push yourself to a level of nervousness that you would usually never experience is so exhilarating, particularly if you pull whatever you are trying. I don't know how to explain what happens scientifically, but rolling away from something that scared the shit out of you feels amazing. The only comparison I can think of is the excitement you get prior to going on a roadtrip with your mates where you have all got time off and big plans to meet up with people you never see and ride new spots. If you know what I mean? But yeah, sometimes shit gets put on hold for ages and it's the worst. I remember a hop I wanted to do for the 2020 DVD. Everytime we went to go there, something would put it off and it would be the worst, I would go to sleep sweating it. But as I said before, I would rather be patient and think about it first instead of jumping in hell for leather and then getting fucked up.

After your crash you were out of action for quite some time to recover and going through surgery to straighten that collar bone out. I know you’re a super active dude and ride every week. How did you deal with the down time?

Man it wasn't even that bad. Hearing the doctors say 8 weeks was like FUUUUUUU, I don't know what to do with myself. But having work being so busy and interesting as well as just hanging out with the dudes anyway, the time flew by. I usually immerse myself in whats happening anyway, whether that be filming or doing non BMX shit with the same dudes or just tagging along, it's usually pretty fun anyway. I think in a way, I'm a little more relaxed now, like not as eager to spend every moment I get to ride searching or hitting something scary. Taking it as it comes I guess. 

From when you crashed till the next time I saw you it only seemed like a few weeks. To no surprise you were already back on your bike sending shit. Where you afraid that the crash would course you to get freaked out over doing big shit? Maybe you would quite down a bit on your riding style?

Yep, definitely. That was my main concern and I had to wait 8 weeks to test it out. Thankfully I was able to overcome the perceived mental barriers I had, so I was fucking stoked with that. If I start to become a pussy and look for excuses then it's all over in terms of doing big shit. Which is all I have because I suck ass at tech stuff. Now I'm just as keen as before, but still taking the precautionary route in terms of really putting in serious thought to what I do prior to letting loose. Let's just hope that I don't get punished again anytime soon. I have alot of respect for the big name pros who ride full time, how they ride at that level every day and not get hurt is WAY beyond me. 

I’ve already been out with you a few times filming some new stuff. What is the next thing you’re working on? Can we be excited for more hammers?

Not too sure man, just going to collect clips for an upcoming edit, I have a few things in the works that it might go towards. In either case though, I'm going to be doing the same thing, what it goes towards usually doesn't matter too much. I really want to get a bit of variety going in the next part though. I have been super stoked on a heap of older BMX DVDs lately like System Cycle, Nowhere Fast and Chill Bro. Some of my favourite parts, and definitely the most enjoyable ones, consisted of a bit of everything you know, dirt, street, park, bowls, gaps, rails, tech, everything. I wanna start pushing myself to not just huck big rails but hit big bowl gaps and dirt jumps. That would be sick.

Also not to leave out the fact that crispy steam is looking mint and the postings has been pretty much daily since the update! Do you plan on keeping the stream flowing so fast? How long has this makeover been happening behind the curtains?

Thanks, yeah I have been putting a heap of work into that. People might not realise, but I would spend a few hours a day after work getting posts ready and finding shit to talk about. Doesn't leave much time around work during the week. Thankfully my new roommate is into Crispy, has an understanding of BMX and builds websites from home. So he helped me out a tonne to build the new site, basically from scratch. I guess we worked on and off for about a few months. It wasn't until he pointed it out that I realised how deadly the original site looked with those hideous Monster logos haha. About time we fucked that off. Super stoked on posting better shit now, hopefully people take an interest, the super megas all seem to love it. 

I know crispy is mainly set up for a good laugh but its defiantly looking a lil more professional these days. Are you heading in any direction with the blog or just gunna keep it rollin?

Just whatever man, it's really whatever I'm feeling at that point in time. Obviously, the hardest part is finding that balance between it looking good and also keeping it raw and ratty, the original Crispy way. I don't wanna get all corporate, but I also want it to be function, accessible and have people read it. Otherwise, what's the point of spending so much time on it you know? Having Dre on has given me some extra motivation, it's nice to hear people stoked on what you do and provide feedback. For a while there I was just pumping shit out and not really knowing how it was being received, well not much further than my immediate group of friends. But when I think about it, that is the main driving force for keeping it going, being able to talk shit about it with your mates on the weekend. I don't give a fuck about who is looking at it overseas and around Australia, but it's nice to hear positive feedback when you do go interstate. Thanks to all the losers who look at it, you keep my psyched.

Any thanks or any peeps you would like to say or mentions?

Sure bud. Thanks alot to everyone who helps me out, particularly Chris at 666, Evan/Mitch at LUX, Matty at TMPRD and the dudes at Shadow in the US, seriously am so lucky to have all these people willing to help me. Thanks to Jimbo for shooting photos and being an all around weird ass dude as well as all my friends for being so shit. Fuck yeah BMX.

Vocko is such a passive dude he is barely fussed on anything. Even straight after his crash he didnt show much pain or didn't feel the need to go to the ED. Crazy fucker check it out and enjoy!


Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Brisbane Bloody BMX!

Yo, Been super slack up on here with photo posts. Photo posts are pretty much the main reason I made this here website. Been slow as a sloth with those kinda posts lately and being in hospital earlier this week with stomach infection shit hasn't helped BUT DAMN this next post takes the fucking cake on photo posts/dump.
Brisbane BMX.. (street riding)
Seriously poppin off. We must have some of the most dedicated riders! Dedicated as in ride street every week. Dedicated like searching ever inch of every education institution in driving distance. The kind of dedicated where the referdex is covered in circles scrawled around where shit is to ride. List goes on but these dudes travel far and wide just to ride a rickety rail with a busted run up or ledge with holes the size of your fist in it.
The point I'm getting at here is that these dudes are unstoppable and are always having a great time. All of these were shot over One Saturday.

Wilto The Deadly dude on a cool lil line!

It's amazing how David continues to do the weirdest fuckin rails
 Fuck yeah Aquarium DAD
 Next Spot Cody had to beached whale his way up on to this
 Fuckin Killer! The photo doesn't do any justice to Cody threading the needle between the parked cars and that semi!

It's unbelievable that vocko only just was getting surgery on his shoulder.
Some of the wildest shit I have seen. Wilder than live turtles coming out of a hookers snatch in Thailand.... 
 Wilton is none stop. Another huge nollie 3
 Crazy pegs over!
 Fuck yeah hard earned thirst crew!

Such a bloody good day! I'm so happy to be able to capture all these great moments! Cheers Fellas!

Peace! Have some more great posts coming!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

A Heap Of Videos to Keep ya Stoked!

Hey all.
Been keepin busy with a verity of shit that isn't that dope!
Had a great Halloween though!
Here's my pick on some web clips of late!
Do Enjoy!

First up we have Anton Ayres The Division Project section and my goodness it's packed full of goodies! You may have already watched it as it has been floating around for the past week but why not watch it again! Its full of insane Anton style riding and some crazy rails! Dude has got to be one of the best riders out at the moment!

Next up we have this super creative and very technically well down skating video! It really an awesome watch! Makes me wanna go for a push right now!
Keep On Pushin' from Ricki Bedenbaugh on Vimeo.

Swinging right back into local BMX Guy sent me his new edit and man I swear he just had one out! The dude rides non stop and his progression is very visible! He hits some real cool rails in this! Fav part is when he shows up all the scooter riders!
Guy Perrett: Grind Time from Guy Perrett on Vimeo.

Bouncing back into skating we have this wild video of skaters rippin it up around and airport! This one has been floating around a bunch of sites! But man its worth the watch! super professional for sure!

Coming back closer to home, I was stoked on this lil clip of some local dudes rolling the new Nambour skatepark! Place looks like a load of fun! These dudes kill it!

Jumpin back on the bike we have a Mix from some West Oz dudes! This is real good watch! Very well put together and most of these spots look like hella fun! LOG TRAIN
Mixtape B6 from BBBBBB on Vimeo.

Shit another clip! This one has been flying around every where all day today! Monster Energy out with a new BMX dvd! Don't get me wrong this will be awesome video and the trailer is fantastically put together but fuck sake. Why so bloody dramatic? It's BMX! Shouldn't it be showing all the sweet hangs and awesome times? Not mashed up like a fucking horror film trailer! Just my opinion is all!

Last up I've been meaning to mention that home boi Vocko has done a real good one on putting up a fresh looking Cripsy Stream! Shit is looking great and the posts have been on point! go check it !
And check this is a great read!

Get internet in ya and have a good night!

Monday, October 27, 2014


What up!

Got some stuff for yall to squizz on.

Big Jez, Bone thugger, BMX lord & all around good bloke dropped an awesome edit compiling loads of clips from all his awesome travels overseas! You may remember some of this raddness from some of the videos detailing their amazing adventures. Jerry's riding is on fucking point! He has really been living the dream and you can tell buy this edit!
TMPRD 2014 - Jerard Vandervalk In Europe. from TEMPERED on Vimeo.

I wish there was a jam like this in Oz ! Mix up of Texas Toast street finals!

music and video to accompany it!

Stay cool!