Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Hey Mate!

I have a few things to share.
Firstly we have some winter threads well on there way that I am stoked on. You'll here more about em soon if your a frequent Chronic Boner.

Also we have been already working on a new splendid Bone Thugs Mix!

Also shot quite a few shots at the Shadow Conspiracy 'Keep it local' meet at LUXBMX! So I'll have those up soon!

Here is some crap from around the web!

This is wicked!

This CRACKDAD promo is the bomb! all on the crackdad!
CRACK DAD promo from Defgrip on Vimeo.

Found this funny!
How to Make a Sick Mountain Bike Edit from on Vimeo.


Monday, April 14, 2014

'Shibby Roma' Dvd with Jye Stuart

Jye Stuart and the crew of riders from the coast (#MMM) have been punching out DVD worthy web edits for years now. SO the time has finally come for them to drop a steaming hot fresh DVD onto our chests. For a while now I have hanging, shooting and riding along with these dudes so I have  been excited to get a glimpse of this trailer and run a little interview with the dude behind it!

#MMM "Shibby Roma" Trailer from Jye Stuart on Vimeo.

Jye my man, give us a little intro on yourself!

Hey Uncie Bone! Jye Stuart, 22 years old and I’ve been riding and filming as long as I can remember. Still a rookie at it all, but still loving it too! 

What is the name of your full length? And When, how and why did you decide to work on a full length dvd?

“Shibby Roma” is our first full length DVD. To me it’s kind of a follow-up to our big mix “Chums”, which came out in 2011. It’ll have a similar vibe and layout to that vid I guess. The idea of making a DVD has been floating around the #MMM crew forever, but I was always sceptical, then I realised that it took me long enough to just film a web mix, so why not rack up clips for a bit longer and try to make something memorable… That’s the plan anyway.  I think it started off as a joke, but we’ve been filming for about the past 2 years, and I’m pretty excited for this thing. All of the dudes have been going crazy!

Where did the name ‘Shibby Roma’ come from?

“She’ll be right mate” slowly transformed into the “Shibby Roma” jibberish, and it can be used to solve all of your problems in life. 

How many dudes do you think you have filmed with? And who will be featured in full sections?

Just had a look, seems to be about 25 lovely men and a few freaks in the mix. Planning to have full sections from Jason Petersen, Beau Matthews, Josh Hattin, that Jye dork, and John Falconer.

Have you been filming just around the coast or have you been venturing around?

It’s been a few years, so we’ve travelled around a bit. A lot of Gold Coast and Brisbane spots, but there’s footage from random areas like Gympie and Logan, then some Sydney and Perth stuff too. 

Are there equal amounts of street and park riding in the dvd?

Nah, it’s mostly street, but there will be some park. I just film whenever anyone wants to (or I’ll force them into something), but that usually doesn’t happen at the parks.

 Having traveled around the place quite a bit has there been anything overly interesting happen when you have been off on a trip with crew?

Ah, this is where my shitty memory span doesn’t help. There are too many stories, every single clip has something goofy behind it. What comes to mind is the half hour of meth head drain climber footage, and Peter Hunt teaching us about Bindi Irwin, stingrays, hanging with 3 boys in the shower and that God has 80 million cocks.  

I know you have been working on this almost every weekend for a while now, how long do you think its been since you started?

Too long, haha. No one’s stressing it, we’ll usually just get a few clips each weekend, shibbyarama.

When can we expect this dvd out? And will there be a public premier? 

Hopefully mid 2014, but maybe later in the year because I’m slow as hell. The original plan is to have a premier party at Josh’s place, I don’t know how public he wants that, haha, but if heaps of grotty bmxers rocked up I’d be stoked. 

What can we expect out of music choices for this?

Oh baby, you’ll want to buy this just for the soundtrack. JOEL TURNER! That’s an NBD son. Expect the finest beatboxing and some R&B, hip hop, psychedelic/ garage stuff, 60s, 70s and 80s pop.  

Seeing as you have been filming for quite some time do you find that the riding has progressed and stuff that you originally shot doesn’t stand up to the newer clips?

Yep, this is probably the biggest drama! The fellas have progressed way too fast, so there’s going to be a lot of extras footage.  

Like every good interview SHOUT OUTS?

#MMM! Everyone who let me film them or filmed my junk, you guys seriously rule. Thanks for the interview too James bah! 

I know the dudes have been working duper hard for this DVD so I'm stoked out of mah brain to get a squizz on it!


Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Great Videos!

Hey all! Just a collection of some cool edits and stuff from around the web!

First off I was stoked that Demolition Parts DVD Last Chance was posted up in full on the web for all of us to enjoy! Its a great DVD from 2011 featuring some of my favorite riders. CHECK IT!

 Next we have Guy Perrett's 2014 edit. Guy has been working on this one for quite some time now and it shows! He has been throwing himself down rails all over bris and the coast! Personal fav is double peg X up
Guy Perrett 2014 from Guy Perrett on Vimeo.

and last we have a treat of an edit from Rich Forne! Dude has some freaky good pegless skill, hitting loads of street trannies and beasting wallrides !


Sunday, April 6, 2014

Machete Yeti !

Over the weekend main man bone thuggy Jye had has birthday! WOO! We celebrated with some riding and chillin!

party time!
 Australia's most underrated creeper
 Ended the day with some manuals in some magic light!

Also here is an image I recently went ham on!

Beer N pizza vortex!

This is the second version of the trailer for 'That's What's Up'! If you haven't been able to get your hands on it yet make sure you do!
That' What's Up Trailer V2 from Troy Charlesworth on Vimeo.

I think I have posted up this song/ video clip before but fuck it!


Friday, April 4, 2014

Freak Accident !

Yo was super stoked today when I was going through photos on my phone and found I had taken a few super blurry bad boys at the 2020 prem!

haha cheeky bunch!

This was freaky good! I love me some crazy original shit!

Enjoy the weekend homies!