Saturday, January 31, 2015


Did a bit of fairly unfruitful spot hunting last weekend out around Toowoomba. Unfruitful mostly due to my inability to deal with the heat and James' inability to deal with me constantly complaining!
Simmo suffered an unfortunate bit of heatstroke though and witness what can only be described as a ghost dog. Possible ghost doggie sighting was found on google:

We also stopped at some of the local parks on the way back to Brisbane where I witnessed a pre teen scooter rat punch a dart like a seasoned mechanic in his late 50's. It was wild.

BMX! I've been really interested in the hype Nigel Sylvester has been getting lately and this comeup interview answers a few questions that I assume a lot of people wanted to know about. John Hicks also says maybe 5 words.

The first of two edits that I really fucking enjoyed this week was Killian Roth edit that Cult put out. Super gnarly rail shredding and serious coaster love. This doesn't have nearly enough views!

Second vid is by far the best we edit I have seen all month! Jimbo showed it to me on his phone and it just doesn't do these bangers justice. Matt Ray absolutely kills it good n dead in this edit of mind blowingly good fucking BMX. Watch it, cry, watch it again, thank me.

Finally, as Jimba mentioned all of the Chronic Bone blog dudes will be in Thailand getting weird so content will probably be a bit light while we're off partying harder than Par T. Barr


Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Poke a Stick At!

I have a bunch of content from around the web to share!
I may or may not have posted this song up when it was released online but now there is a trippy cool video clip for it!

love BBNG, Ghost face and MF so you cant really go wrong with this track!

Speaking off trippy video clips! This new one from Pond's new album had me on all sorts of weird vibes! Must watch!

and yet another trip video clip from Spirit Club, a side project from the front man of Wavves!

Great music there!

These Canadian dudes now how to shred and make a really enjoyable video!
"ourCaste ~ Brothers In America" from ourCaste on Vimeo.

spots look dope fun!

Here is a real dope snap I pinched off Adam Cox's flickr I recommended checking it out as it is often updated with dope images!


Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Roll on!

Hey yo! Thanks to my homie Brento for keeping the BMX flowing on this here blog over the last few weeks!
It hasn't been the best start of the year for myself as I have managed to get myself in quite a pickle! This hiccup in my life only means a better me for the future!
Anyway focusing on Chronic Bone, I'm headed off on yet another overseas adventure to Asia in a few weeks to continue my endeavors of rock climbing crazy Thai cliffs and contracting as many STD's as possible. I'm stroked I'll be dropping a scraps edit from the past year or so featuring a hot steamy load of different dudes before I head off!
As for posts on the blog here will be running slow as I know Brento is also off on a holiday with his lady friend.

Moving on! Here are some internet goodies!
This end of the year Thrasher video is full of awesome shit!

This Futorial was very helpful!

Yet another amazing video featuring the travels of mates overseas! It's nonstop for them making great videos and riding amazing spots!

Globetrotter "Bangers Filmfestival" from Fabian Bader on Vimeo.

This unboxing vid of the new Madera bash sprocket was super enjoyable! No matter if Erik Elstran is riding a play ground or an indoor park he is always full of awesome creative moves!

Here is a music for you!

Here is a cool lil re up of an article from 2013 about original and creative spots I enjoyed! The images in this article are breath taking! 

2014 was an awesome year for CB and we are super happy where we stand as a content creator and apparel maker! 2015 is gunna be gnarly good!


E-Z Listening

Good friend of mine Alex Ross just posted this sweet new track of his on Soundcloud! follow his account and keep your eyes peeled for more stuff like this that he is working towards releasing soon!

Raph Jeroma-Williams has been abroad for a while now along with Jerry V and their mate Brady and just dropped an edit exclusively of his riding.Vocko did a way better job of breaking it down than I ever would over on Crispy, check it here!

I wasn't aware but apparently Troy Charlesworth has been filming/producing on a super high level for a pretty long while now. This is from 2008, the DVD is called Epic Invasion and it has riding from a bunch of bloody aussie legends:

UGV Epic Invasion from samgreen on Vimeo.

This last vid is awesome. Trey Jones has an awesome setup in his backyard and FBM filmed this short vid featuring gnarly music, bmx and shirt.

FBM Visits Jesco Jones from FBM BMX on Vimeo.


Thursday, January 15, 2015

Dan Norvell freaks me the fuck out. the dude is like the yeti, he just pops up every now and then, does some beastly shit and then disappears again. Spooky.

Here's part 2 of the Nigel Sylvester Vice doco. Personally I feel that people like Nigel getting attention and media hype on the level that he's at is super good for bmx. I guess not everyone likes the guy or the type of person he is but he is hungry to get more exposure for himself and he's taking bmx along with him so why not!

Japan is so gnarley! it seems weird to me that there isn't a bigger bmx scene there though considering how intense these guys are about the stuff they're into. Anyways, this video rocks, the vibe is awesome and I love the iconic oldscool scenes that they put in there.

Streetsharks are awesome!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015


Shout out to Simmo's fear of slippery grass.

Trippy visuals, wolves and it's in black and white. Every dude in this edit is probably slaying bulk hipster pussy right now.

This edit won me over the second I heard the song. riding is decent and the editing is pretty different in a good way too.

Bust-A-Move from Andy Maguire on Vimeo.

This vid is pretty short at under 2 minutes but has some rad ledgy riding and again music is on point!

#DÜSSELWHAT?! from Vullhabnx on Vimeo.