Saturday, July 26, 2014

Introducing CB Fish Food!

Hey boiz n gurlz

got quite a few visuals for you today!

Firstly went for a roll with some good people yesterday!

Wavid always havin a giggle!
 Beau, Always treating rails!
 I dont know who this man is but hes on a government watch list.
  Mike beasting!

I also have the 3rd installment of some more Thailand moments!

When I'm bored I like to pass time experimenting with juxtaposing photos that I have taken to try and create a new/fresh meaning for the photos. I also like to make them trippy as all fuck!
This one is the latest, basically just a contrasted between  great moments before Thailand  and even greater ones in Thailand!

eres a vibe for ya sundee!


Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Bone Thugs Mix #2!

Bout time I got this one out!
What can I say about this..

This video features our trip down to northern NSW, staying in nimbin but rippin shit up every where!
the first half of the video is built up to give you a crazy good nimbin vibe!
The rest of the video is more of a MIX!
Thanks to Jerry for sending those clips in!
Vimeo has a new copyright match system that wouldn't allow the video to be uploaded so i had to change to YouTube! it may not be viewable on some mobile devices at this time till shit works out!


Monday, July 21, 2014

Emo Girls!

Hey friends!
Getting back into the swing oh things and working on some projects has been going great this week!
managed to go out for a ride over the weekend!
Here's a screen capture of a clip of jye being a reckless freak!
 Scrap clips and shit like this is really starting to back up on my harddrives so I think this calls for some kind of Monster Mix of all the goon clips I have! So I'll get cracking on that once I finish the next bone thugs mix!

As promised here is some more Thailand funk!

 More beer more plankton!
 sick brag jump

enjoy dat shit!

you may have seen clips of Max Vu around before! hers an edit from the 10 year old who shreds it!


Saturday, July 19, 2014

Late night snack

What better time than 1am Sunday morning to share some bmx love!

Here's a cool story Ride BMX did on brakeless riding when it was a "new" thing. Worth a peek if you don't mind a couple of words.

The Brakeless Revolution - Ride BMX

This Denver street jam is bloody insane. These dudes actually broke into this school and then held a jam there. Wild.

Abysmal weather, great spots and an ender that I watched three times. Nathan Williams and Corey Martinez are two dudes who have been shredding for "a while" and this new edit is a-grade bmx stunting.

Sosh Urban Motion 3 : Nathan Williams X Corey Martinez (6th place) from Ride Sessions on Vimeo.
(This was actually all filmed on phones for the Sosh Urban Motion competition, their website is in French but you can check it here)

Weird Al gets real.

And some weird chill business


Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Thailand! Some of it!

So about to weeks ago I went off to Thailand for the second time  to go rock climbing (one of the other sports I enjoy) but mainly to see some of my friends who live over there and have a blast!

Over the 2 weeks a lot of shit happened but I used the opportunity to have a break from all the madness of the white boy rat race we live.

I also used it as a break from photography! although I did shoot a fair bit I tired to not worry about getting the perfect shot and more take in the experience!
Here are a few of the cooler shots and I plan to have some more up soon!

Also got my hands on a shitty $50 underwater housing haha did the job alright!

as I said more photos to come! as well as some illustrations by fatnek n sketchy!

Here we have a video of some other dudes living the dream traveling!
Intro is solid gold! as well as the riding and skating! some of those ghetto spots look amazing!
ender is solid!
Stress Less DethLeffs from Raphael Jeroma-Williams on Vimeo.