Thursday, October 16, 2014


It's been over a week since my last post!
Having 7 assignments due all in the space of 3 weeks doesn't help with CB living the dream time!
Haven't been out for a good ride in a while either.

Anyway got some stuff to keep ya stoked!
This here is Tiny's section from the division project! Chockas ful of awesome rail action! the dude is a beast!

get trippy on dis
Xu Xu Fang - Friend to the Unknown from Reuben Wu on Vimeo.

We got some new shirts in the works and other cool stuff too!
Enjoy ya self!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Stoke on!

Jerry sent me over this photo that he shot on our first chronic trip! Brings back some great memories of a groovy trip!
 Was good to talk to the man!
Jerry, Raph and Brady also uploaded what will be the final episode of there amazing tour overseas!
Sad to hear its their final due to the fact some dirty rat bags stole all their camera gear!
I feel for the dudes, but no doubt they will still be having the time of their lives!
Check the new clip!
Final Episode from Raphael Jeroma-Williams on Vimeo.

Loving how shaggy every one is getting! The skating and riding; wild as expected! (that drop on the skatey and that bloody big feeble attameped towards the end, holy shit)
I'd recommend jumping on Raph's vimeo and getting a look at all of the videos from the trip! They fuckin rule!

Speaking of videos that rule!
Home boy Jye just dropped this killer edit of Rob Bennett doing it for Nightfall!
A bunch of great clips he collected while the dude was rolling the coast. He has since moved back to Tas to have surgery on both his knees. Jye's camera/editing work and choice of song mixed with Rob's overall shredding got me stoked! Also enjoyed the use of Rob's drawings as they are splendid!
Robert Bennett for Nightfall from Jye Stuart on Vimeo.


Saturday, October 4, 2014


Its been nearly a week since I posted last and it has been a killer time!
Study break is what they call it and I have in fact been up to such things!
Started the week off slow! But went down to the coast to hang with pals and shoot some riding!

The Falcoooon aka big john aka swag grandadddy sent himself down this bad boi quite a few times!

Went out on the down for a few brewwz and also had some chiller times!

More experimenting with lazorzz

Got some people enjoying some of my other Art projects so here is the latest one finish it this week also!

This bag seems pretty dopefresh

I also watched this a few times!
Editing is fuckin swell!
music is great!
Riding is incredible! 
Best intro party line ever!
Thumbs up!

Hope ya enjoyed ya week as well


Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Weekend was swell!
had a fairly good balance of good times and good times!
Started working on filming some more CB projects for the future!
Squizz some gravy times!
Gold Coast dudes know how to live the dream!

The bestest friends invited me to come down to stay at there apartment at the coast for the night on Saturday! Was super fun! Thanks Bestest Friends

 Rare Image of Jye treating/off noosing
 far to skitz for clitz

Apart from that shit!
This Trey Jones / Johnny Devlin split is fucking rad so much original gravy

The Division Project mix section! Props to the urine drinking legend


Classy Broads

Met a German girl today with tattoo's of people having sex all over her legs, pretty wild business for a Tuesday. Couldn't get a decent photo unfortunately but imagine Kama Sutra style wacky positions covering fat, pasty, German legs and you're pretty much there.

This vid has 0 fat pasty German legs, but it does have a French dude getting sweet on the street.

This little wizard video did the rounds already but the music selection is too amazing for me to not watch it every single time I see it!

And in the way of music that I can't go past, this track is shitty hipster crap and I can't get enough of it.

This is also really good and has been stuck in my brain all day (when I can dislodge Destiny's Child that is).