Friday, October 2, 2015

Mid-week treat.

Holidays are a great thing to have.
Managed to swing down to the north coast of NSW for a night and rode a few different parks!
Was a good lil trip.
I didn't really shoot to many photos as I was riding and drinking most of the time. However I did bring along a lil sketch book like I have in the past and we drew a lil.

I hope you enjoy these!

BMX vids to get ya in the mood! These videos are all sweet I don't really need to tell you why just check em out!

Raph sending it all over Europe! Love seeing him ride!

Trey Jones leftovers from 'What could go Wrong'! most of these could have easily have been in the DVD! Quality!

Cult continues to keep spewin out great shit! So many awesome riders.


Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Get a dog up ya!

Shout out to Michael who I work with for the classic aussie saying above, nice one fella!

There is a long weekend on its way and I for one am stoked as all fuck to get day drunk and ride some bikes. Once again YFH has come through with the goodness and has a little guide on how to make it through the day (and following night) of a big day getting giddily pissed while the sun blasts your pasty little face out of the winter coma you've been living in. Whip out the inflatable pool and suss the article right HERE
This week has been a fantastic week for me as I made a new mate whose name is skipper (I think?) and he is in charge of the vinyl at my local JB. The dude is real rad and got me onto a new band called Nada Surf, in particular I picked up their 2005 album 'The weight is a gift'. The whole album oozes a kind of semi up-beat pop-punk, mix between blink-182 and Death Cab for Cutie. Maybe I'm revealing how shitty my music tastes can get as I love both those bands and I gotta say, I enjoyed this album a heap as well. The first track is easily my favorite from the album but honestly I enjoyed the melodic beats with some good guitar sounds. Apparently their later albums are a bit more grunge so I'll be checking that out come pay day. In the mean time, give this a good listen (maybe if track 2 is a bit slow for you skip straight to track 7 then  write the rest of the album off).

For everyone who hated the shit out of this don't stress too hard as I've got the new Slayer album lined up for a listen in next!

In the same vein as a three day long weekend filled with booze, backyard ramps and good times I heard this Alison Wonderland remix today and enjoyed the shit out of it. Give t a listen if you dig her previous stuff or if you're into a little bit of the electronic dancing music they play in trendy clubs these days.


Monday, September 28, 2015

No Scrubs!

You're killing it! That's what I always tell myself during weeks like the past week. Just a lil self motivation to make you feel better about yourself while you are up all night smashing assignments.
So glad to have a week off from uni!
Already kicked it off with a weekend of riding!

Seems like I have been working on this project with Shwanga forever now.
He recons he cant 270 table as good as he used to but I think this is dope!

Always a good dad on a bender.

Also working on other cool lil projects for CB!
Jye is sweg.
Exciting times!

Friday, September 25, 2015

Two Toothed

There's no way I'd rather start my Saturday than with a coffee, smoke and some good bmx vids.
I missed the gun a little on getting this done in time for brekky but hopefully you can enjoy some good vibes on your smartphone while you take a lunch break from riding!

Thankfully this Damo edit landed right in my inbox thanks to the dudes at Lux because it is a straight up killer! I heard talks that Damian really busted himself up recently so it's cool to see some deadly footage come out of his efforts! Damo goes big and demonstrates exactly what a good bit of lanky bmx SHOULD look like.

LUXBMX.COM - Damien Kluver 2015 from LUXBMX on Vimeo.

Also spotted this sosh video which I posted about last year I'm sure but basically sosh is a French competition where riders film an edit on a phone with I'm pretty sure a street or urban theme through the whole thing which this entry really nails. Never heard of the rider or filmer which in my mind makes this better, super groovy riding and a chill little soundtrack. well worth a look.


Monday, September 21, 2015

Snake Woods Weekend (Photos) Part.2

Continuing on here as some more photos!

The next lot of photos are just pure jump appreciation.

Snake Woods Photos Part 1

Hope you enjoy em as much as I did taken em!


Snake Woods Weekend! (Photo HEAVY) Part.1

This past weekend was one of the best weekends I can think of in recent memory.
Beers, bikes & friends make for some great times but this weekend was extra amazing. Headed up to lovely Maryborough for the Snake Woods Last Call Jam and shit went off like a frog in a sock.
Here is a few words and a heap of photos from my perspective.

Not being a big trail lord myself I had yet to visit snake woods. Shit blew my mind. The amount of hours that went into putting this together is bloody unbelievable. From warm welcomes on my first arrival to stumbling around the giant abstract dirt sculptures late at night the stokage was very high. Good vibes where happening all around as you could here people laughing and cheering from all parts of the woods. I'm still very much riding that wave.
Every one had a blast.

"The perfect amount of perfect cunt's came" had to be my favorite quote I can remember.

Most BMX time I have had.
 I wanna thank the trail lords of snake woods for having all of us! Fuckin Fantastic! 
Here is a whole heap of photos. Not in any order. Enjoy!

Continue to part 2