Friday, May 22, 2015


I forgot I had a few images on one of my memory cards from last weekend.
Thought I better sling em up here before they get dated!

These cheeky buggers are always up to no good!
 Wilton is non stop!

Another sweet Hood Antics video from Rob DiQuattro!
These videos are always so much fun!
The dudes manage to send some crazy shit well always keeping it good vibes!
Always gets me amped to ride!
hood antics 26: The People's Chump from Rob DiQuattro on Vimeo.


Thursday, May 21, 2015

Garrett who?

G'day cobba!

Couldn't wait more than about 5 minutes to share this edit with you! I've been pretty dissapointed by a lot of edits lately because they all look the exact same and as much as I love a bit of tech wizardry the hard way rap music cookie cutter shit is beyond boring. This vid features a great song (still rap music though) and some super good vibes to get you pumped for the weekend. Shit like this inspires me to ride and just generally be a weirdo which is sick!

STADENS KUNGAR 2015 - DETHLIFE from Deth-Life on Vimeo.

A$AP Rocky released a shitty love song about LSD this week and everyone I work with loves it for some reason which is pretty shit. It did remind me of Japanther though who are a legit LSD freak group of dudes who use stolen payphones as mic's. This was one of the songs from Chase Hawks old Fit sections I'm pretty sure. If you haven't already you should go check them out.



Quick one for you today!

Chris Goldring is a loose dude! Always gives off a fun loving vibe!
Him and Biggy filmed this at the fabled Fairfield bowl in half an hour it looks like!
Bloody awesome! Chris shredddddddz X Biggy always films great!
Chris Goldring 30 Minutes to Dark from Troy Charlesworth on Vimeo.

 Himself same bowl 2020 prem jam!
R.I.P beautiful tree!

Another local (ish) good viben video!
Snack Woods! Snake* (hungry)
Dudes put together some clips of riding the trails and having some beers! Fun video!
That's not all of it  from Dale Watson on Vimeo.

Peace out!

Monday, May 18, 2015

Shibby Roma! (Review)

I find it insanely awesome that two BMX family's from the same part of Australia happen to premiere their fucking awesome DVD's one week apart! An unlikely phenomenon that I doubt will be happening in QLD again any time soon! These DVD's of course being Crispy Stream's Fall From Grace & #MMM Crew's Shibby Roma!
(side note: they both have a run time for 43mins.. I think)
I Did a cute little interview with Jye about Shibby Roma and how it is coming along about a year ago and now I'm going to follow up with an even cuter review!

I was absolutely cunt eyed at the prem so I had to watch it again to regain the lost memories of the night!
Having said that watching the DVD for the second, third and fourth time I still received the same feeling I did on the night of the prem, the feeling that this is a fucking awesome production.

Jye and crew had been working on this baby for a good 3 years and it shows!
These dudes have been filming together for a long time and you can really tell buy how they act together.
Here's a quick wrap on the sections without spoiling anything:

Firstly the X riding, Hard 180ing, Freecoasting, nollie poppin, bike smashing bandit Mr John falconer starts the sections off with some fuckin awesome bike wizzarding.

Next Nunu's Kinda disturbing and "Really invasive" intro leading into some of the wildest lines featuring a wide array of bike stunts coming from the twisty munching VB drinking freak!

At this stage I'd like to say that the transitions between riders is super cool! Each time a new section is introduced there is a cheeky double clip with the person from the last section!

Next is Beau Matthews with loads of deadly X games shit and making it super easy. I don't wanna spoil on his hammers but they are fucked!

Jye never misses out on the guys just having fun and he really puts a focus on it in his work. I don't know if its intentional but you get an awesome vibe from seeing all the guys hangin out getting stoked and having a giggle!

Next up is the friends mix with heaps of mates of that the MMM Crew is! This is then followed by a great stack section that leads on to Jye's stack section and then Jye's other stack section with a few clips of him landing stuff mixed in there.

Jye is a fuckin wild man! Sending himself down a bunch of stupid rails and even stupider gaps! Last one scared the shit outta me!

Next we have Mr smooth Josh Hattin with loads of gravy ledge lines and some funky rails as well! Josh is another one making shit look way to easy!

Last of the sections is also the holder of the "Youngest man with a  Beer Belly Award 2014-15"  Jason! Dude goes full speed at everything and pulls a bunch of stunts! Some of the clips you can clearly see he is still a wee teen boy but fuck he shreds it! BLOODY OFF NOOSEY!

 DVD production is great! Music is very "Jyeish" Graphics are awesome its beautiful filmed and edited up very nicely! Poster and sticker included! GET YA HANDS ON A COPY!

The Prem Night Photos will be up in a following post!


more of the busted!
Blown out and out of focus!
probs gunna crash my website with these!



I was loopy pissed and forgot my own flash!
Enjoy these blown out and out of focus images!

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