Friday, August 28, 2015

bee em ex


Boyd Hilder seems to be the current Aussie flavour of the month which s pretty understandable as the dudes is damn good! He's an all round park, raz and ledge slayer with shit from big bar to whips and some crazy fakie jibbery goodness, edit is a good un to get you stoked for a weekend of BMX!

Boyd Hilder Berlin + Hamburg from Mankind Bike Co. on Vimeo.

I love how late night exploration on the internet will occasionally present you with the wackiest little nuggets of gold such as this video. I fucking love rednecks and I love ACDC so this video had me at hello. Also, you just don't see enough talented spoon players these days, sad that we have lost so much of a beautiful art.


Wednesday, August 26, 2015


Sup fellaass!
Been on a tofu binge hiatus for a lil bit, but I'm BACK!
And I'm here with a little bit of salt to share with you all. I am salty about the salt in bmx. I just watched a stupid youtube video where kids submit questions to an industry fella. We've all seen this shit and it pretty much all goes the same way: why is bmx shit, why are kids shit, why is bmx different today than it was last week (cue nostalgic bs). Seriously, it's not bmx that is shit, it's the attitude of internet bmx-ers! It's okay though cos uncle fukin Brento is here with a solution... just go ride your bike.
There's nothing better for me than how I feel when I'm riding my bike, it's just straight up awesome fun with mates. Isn't that what bmx is about? Fuck sitting on the internet watching video's, bmx is something that you DO so go outside and do it. It's pretty easy to re-connect with why you love this shit so much the second you're on your bike just having fun. Next time you see some lame shit on the internet, just remember, you're into bmx because you like riding your bike, not because you like watching video's. And to all the dudes who think that criminal mischief was the best bmx DVD ever and nothing new measures up, go make some wild shit of your own and chuck it on a disc (Vocko's crispy deeveedee's would be a pretty fuckin spot on example of how to make a badass vidyah). BMX needs more rad shit and less salt. Spend less time on youtube and more time on your bike!  

I'll finish up with a video from a dude who, from what I can tell, gives no fucks about trends.
Grant Castelluzzo is wild. He does all the tech-wizardy, jibby stunts that kids these days (myself included) are into and he does them with both a cassette hub and the same bowlcut my mum had me rocking when I was 5. Radical!

Here's some suss music to suss.


Over Saturation.

Got some music and videos here!

Fist we have this lil trippy number by an Artist called YUK. Real cool vibes. Video is also neat.

Loving the amount of video work coming out of the Fairfield crew at the moment. This one is a real treat as it is very rare to even see a photo of the beautiful but unrevealed Fairfield trails. Kage did a great job of capturing all the correct vibes! Looks like a blast!

one weekend at fairfield trails from kagekonoz on Vimeo.

Fav band King Gizzz already have a new album on the way, here is a single from it!

These dudes are supporting Tame Impala on their up and coming tour. This video clip just dropped and it's deadly. These guys look like a fun group!


Sunday, August 23, 2015

All good.

Had a great weekend full of riding and shooting!
Very productive.
Spent Saturday shooting with these beautiful dudes! Despite the rain we managed to get some great clips!

After shootin those lads I was off to shoot some stills for Dirty man!
Fuckin dude did some crazy shit! Can not wait till his edit drops!

Went out for a roll on Sunday too. Brenton got a cool line in here is a screen cap.
I love being able to hunt down and new spot and get a clip as well! Fuck yeah brento!

I have had these Polaroids from one of my Thailand trips and some other random shit for awhile!
Decided to scan them in, check em!

Here are some close ups of the ones I I liked.

Some BMX vids for your eyes.
This Kym Grosser 2015 edit is dope, love how the dude has the ability to throw a nothing on the hop or down a shit load of stairs. Edit is packed with good shit some of my favs are nose manual a flat rail, Ice to no foot can one hander and the last clip is loose!

Kym Grosser 2015 edit from The Set on Vimeo.

Another BMX!
This trailer for Blunted's full length DVD got me pretty excited! Looks like it will be good!


Thursday, August 20, 2015

Vibes for the weekend.

I have to local BMX video to share with you. Prepare to enjoy!

Firstly we have an overwhelming sense of community and friendship coming from this edit of Wilto's 21st birthday jam! Good work on the edit vocko! made me a moist.

A Day At Fairfield from Crispy Stream on Vimeo.

Nextly we have another beauty of a fun friendship vid! This one documents and celebrates the now dead D.I.Y spot the MMM crew put together at the beginning of the year! Bloody good edit from Adam and sweet riding from the crew! Loved it to bits!

MmmCrw X D.I.Y Bridge from AdammmCox on Vimeo.

ave a good weekend friends!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Spent my birthday in Dubai.

These images relate to synthesia.

Fuckin yeah.

Some vidyahz.
This Pool's Gold idea is bloody beautiful. Nothing like a few legends riding some of the craziest pools you will ever see. I'm excited to see what comes next. Go froth on some old dudes who still kill it harder than anyone.

Ahh this is too good! Dakota Roche is a fuckin beast. Just watch an enjoy!

Peace out!